It’s Official, We’re Number 1

After a busy year putting up residential and commercial scaffolds all over Kent, taking on new staff, trucks and a hell of a lot of shiny new scaffolding, Blitz Scaffolding is extremely proud to end the year with a big thank you from our customers. You’ve rated us the number one scaffolding company in Kent […]

Our New Logo is Here

As we finish off the end of 2020 (we’re not say to say goodbye to it), we enter into 2021 with a shiny new logo, and our brand new website is to follow in the new year.  Goodbye blue and hello bright and bold yellow.   You’ll start to see our new branding on our scaffolds […]

Scaffolding Terms Explained

Confused by scaffolding terminology?  We’ve put together this handy graphic and guide to brake down some of the most commonly used terms in scaffolding.   Decking – Used to describe the horizontal platforms that support workers when on the scaffold.  Working platforms should be boarded close to full width at heights above 2 meters to […]

How are Scaffolders Regulated?

When you are looking to hire a scaffolder, it can be difficult to know who to hire, what qualifications to look for so you know that they can be trusted. Today we’re going to share with you the basic regulations and licenses you should look for, to help you ensure that you find a reputable […]

Can you Scaffold on a Slope?

Yes you can. It’s not uncommon to erect scaffolding on sloped, uneven and bumpy ground.  The steel scaffolding used by companies including Blitz Scaffolding is highly adjustable, the legs can be easily adjusted to ensure that the scaffolding platform remains level.  These components have enough flexibility to be able to handle all bumps and lumps […]

Safety Tips for Scaffolding in Winter

With winter fast approaching, it’s time to start adjusting your scaffolding processes for the upcoming change of weather. Over the last years, there has been an increase in incidents, and so as either an employer or employee it’s essential to protect yourself. With over 16,000 sites in the UK alone, there is a daily risk […]

Blitz Scaffolding is KCC Registered

  Blitz Scaffolding is pleased to announce that we are now KCC registered.  When looking for a Kent scaffolding company, you can trust in the fact that Blitz Scaffolding is recognised and approved for providing safe scaffolding on local highways.  Being a KCC registered scaffolding firm means that we must follow all the appropriate standards […]

PPE Guide for Scaffolding

When working on any construction site, especially at height, hazard awareness is crucial for everyone to remain safe and to be able to do their job properly. If you are utilising scaffolding in your construction project, it is important to remember that it is not only the scaffolding itself which should meet UK safety regulations, […]

7 Simple Scaffolding Safety Tips

Working on scaffolding can be dangerous work for regular industry professionals. Heavy supplies, long work-days and the logistics of height can all add to the risk of the job. Today at least, there are plenty of guidelines, and standards of practice that help to minimise these risks, and though injuries still occur, they are lower […]

When To Rent vs Buy Scaffolding

  A common question that comes up around commercial scaffolding is whether it’s better to buy vs rent.  In some cases this can pay off, saving firms money in the long-term and giving them more control; in most cases however it makes more sense to rent from a reputable scaffolding company. Not sure to buy […]