Can you Scaffold on a Slope?

Yes you can. It’s not uncommon to erect scaffolding on sloped, uneven and bumpy ground.  The steel scaffolding used by companies including Blitz Scaffolding is highly adjustable, the legs can be easily adjusted to ensure that the scaffolding platform remains level.  These components have enough flexibility to be able to handle all bumps and lumps on the ground, while remaining perfectly stable.

A scaffolding platform erected on a slope or uneven ground can be just as safe as any other scaffold.

Sometimes it is necessary to level the ground enough to place a scaffolding platform on; in this instance, a large baseplate can be set at the ground level.  Baseplates help to provide stability to scaffolding, they also help to prevent sinking on soft soil and other types of uneven ground.

Questions About Scaffolding on an Uneven Surface?

Blitz Scaffolding is happy to talk you through your concerns. For flexible scaffolding for the whole of Kent, call: 01303 627 438

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