Scaffolding Safety in Folkestone

The whole point of scaffolding is to ensure you, or contractors you hire are safe.  On the whole, scaffolding is considered a robust solution for workmen or women to perform maintenance tasks such as painting, masonry repairs, fixes to roofs, chimney work and so on.

The work at height regulations (2005) state that scaffolding should be erected to a generally recognised standard, or that the scaffold should be designed by a bespoke calculation, from a competent person.

The scaffolding should have adequate strength, rigidity and stability for erection and use.  The law states that scaffolding should be checked that it is safe

  • Before using & every 7 days while up
  • After damage or extreme weather conditions

The builder or scaffolding company is responsible for obtaining a license from the local council if the scaffolding is to be put up on the highway or pavement.

There are many regulations in place that scaffolders must adhere to; standard practice such as guard rails, sufficient clearance and ladder length all help to minimise risk of falling and injury, but scaffolding isn’t risk free.

In the UK there are still falls and accidents involving scaffolding, and while the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) makes recommendations for safe use, there are often discrepancies in practices from one scaffolding firm to another.

Scaffolding loading bays where material is brought up and down must be fitted with access gates to prevent falls, but standard entry points by ladder are not required.

Access gates not only give workers an extra form of protection, they protect children and other authorised access to your property.

At Blitz Scaffolding we use entry gates as standard on all of our scaffolding.  We do not take any unnecessary risks when it comes to the safety of people using our scaffold structures.  We also use secure latches on entry hatches to prevent accidental falls and keep users safe at all times.

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