Scaffolding Terms Explained

Confused by scaffolding terminology?  We’ve put together this handy graphic and guide to brake down some of the most commonly used terms in scaffolding.   Decking – Used to describe the horizontal platforms that support workers when on the scaffold.  Working platforms should be boarded close to full width at heights above 2 meters to […]

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How are Scaffolders Regulated?

When you are looking to hire a scaffolder, it can be difficult to know who to hire, what qualifications to look for so you know that they can be trusted. Today we’re going to share with you the basic regulations and licenses you should look for, to help you ensure that you find a reputable […]

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Can you Scaffold on a Slope?

Yes you can. It’s not uncommon to erect scaffolding on sloped, uneven and bumpy ground.  The steel scaffolding used by companies including Blitz Scaffolding is highly adjustable, the legs can be easily adjusted to ensure that the scaffolding platform remains level.  These components have enough flexibility to be able to handle all bumps and lumps […]

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