Do I Need Scaffolding? 5 Questions to Ask

A lot of construction projects make use of scaffolding – indeed many companies insist on it.  But scaffolding takes time and money to erect and some people are cautious about pulling the trigger when work can be completed without it. Deciding whether to use scaffolding or not depends on a few factors.  You can help […]

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The Benefits of Steel Scaffolding and Why We Use it

  When choosing scaffolding for a safe platform for construction and repair work there are a few materials to choose from.  Different scaffolding companies might use timber, aluminium and steel. There are some advantages to each for instance aluminium is light and easy to manoeuvre. At Blitz Scaffolding we specialise in working with steel scaffolding […]

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How to Check Scaffolding for Safety

The law states that scaffolding should be inspected before and after installation by a competent person. Although the purpose of scaffolding is for safety, it is never a complete guarantee, unfortunately accidents still happen. You can be vigilant yourself by knowing what to look out for, such as signs of improper erection or inadequate components. […]

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