Choosing a Commercial Scaffolding Company in Kent

There are thousands of scaffolding companies in the UK; but not every commercial scaffolding company is equal.  Many have different approaches to safety, procedure and design.  Despite the fact that they’re designed for safety, scaffolding structures still have accidents which is why it is essential to find a company you can trust.

When looking for a scaffolding firm for your business, take your time to ensure you’re choosing the best firm for your business needs.

Safety should be #1

If the scaffolding company doesn’t put safety front and foremost, look elsewhere. It’s not worth the risk to you construction workers.

A good scaffolding structure doesn’t ensure safety either; for instance does it have security gates to prevent people from falling, or netting to prevent debris from landing on top of people below?

Access should also be considered.   A good commercial scaffolding company should ensure  access to your scaffold structure is restricted only to approved persons.

They should ensure that all local regulations are adhered to such as covering skips under rubble chutes, or installing netting.

Safety doesn’t stop after installation


Check the equipment

Scaffolding equipment is used many, many times before it’s replaced.  It’s not a bad idea to ask when the equipment was acquired and it’s history.  A good scaffolding company should be upfront about this with you.  As the user/hirer of the equipment it is your responsibility to check the equipment by law:

  • Before first use
  • After an interval of no more than 7 days
  • Or if there is damage or extreme weather conditions


Don’t Forget Insurance

It should go without saying but don’t overlook it.  Make sure the scaffolding company has the appropriate level of insurance for your commercial site.


Experience matters

The design of most scaffolds is relatively standard but there are many factors that can make things more difficult such as loading bays, façades and truss-out Scaffolds; this is when experience counts.


Ask to see examples

Any scaffolding contractors who work on commercial projects should be able to provide examples of their work.  If they can’t do this, you have to question why, how much work have they actually done, or what are they trying to hide? Do they not value their work?


Check for reviews

These days you can find reviews on every type of business online.  Do a Google search of the company and look to see if they have any customer reviews.  This will be a good way of verifying their competence and reliability.

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