Clock Repair in Sandgate

Due to popular demand from the local residents in Sandgate, our scaffolding was erected and work was able to be completed on this clock which had stopped striking on the high-street. A simple job, though not simple in practice since the clock is almost three stories high, and juts a few meters from the wall. […]

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Commercial Scaffolding in Folkestone Town Center

Although it gets dark early, our scaffolding contractors were able to finish this fully secure, commercial scaffolding job at the Folkestone Magistrates Court on behalf of a local construction company. The structure is fully secured with netting around all sides – prevent any debris from falling down below. The supports below are foam protected to […]

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Roof Repair Scaffolding | Seabrook Folkestone

This commercial/residential building on the Seabrook high street in Folkestone required scaffolding for some roof repairs to be safely carried out. As you can see the building sits next to two double-sided traffic lights, which sit clearly between the scaffolding. The vertical scaffold poles are clearly highlighted toward the bottom and covered to protect people […]

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Scaffolding in Cheriton High Street

One scaffolding down and another up on Cheriton high street. This job being on a busy public highway involved extra security measures, some as per requirements, others we implemented as an addition. The netting helps to ensure that debris does not fall from the scaffold onto the path below. This is a legal requirement for […]

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Lighthouse Feature on Folkestone Seafront

Blitz Scaffolding were hired to provide scaffolding for painters to restore this decorative feature on the lower Folkestone coastal park. Close to the Mermaid Cafe. The lighthouse structure was designed by Pablo Bronstein and is a homage to 18th century where this style was found more frequently along the Folkestone & Dover coastline. The structure […]

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Residential Scaffolding in Folkestone Town Center

This scaffolding, for a block of flats in the Folkestone town center was completed over a weekend, Friday to Sunday. The client needed the scaffold for some external repair work, and painting. Including: Repairing a dormer window Repair for cracked brickwork We completed this job with 2-3 contractors installing 5 lifts and a hop-up handrail […]

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