The Benefits of Steel Scaffolding and Why We Use it


When choosing scaffolding for a safe platform for construction and repair work there are a few materials to choose from.  Different scaffolding companies might use timber, aluminium and steel. There are some advantages to each for instance aluminium is light and easy to manoeuvre. At Blitz Scaffolding we specialise in working with steel scaffolding and here are some of the reasons why:


Steel is much stronger

Steel provides a very strong and study platform for construction workers and all their equipment.  In addition to this it holds up well to to strong winds, heavy rain and the harshest of storms.


Durable and long lasting

Steel can be used again and again for years without damage; this makes it a sustainable and reliable solution for scaffolding companies.


Best material for large jobs

For large residential and commercial scaffolding requirements steel is by far the best choice.  The strength and ease of configuration mean that steel can be used at significant heights on a large scale.  Steel is the most trusted material to use at height and on large scales.


Better for the environment

Steel can be used again and again, and unlike timber does not lead to deforestation.  The manufacturing processes for steel scaffolding are relatively energy efficient these days.


For domestic or commercial scaffolding in Kent you can always expect a safe and dependable structure from Blitz Scaffolding.  We choose high quality, dependable steel for all of our scaffolding jobs.


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