When do you Need Scaffolding?

It is not always clear that scaffolding is necessary for construction jobs, especially where a ladder could “technically” do the job. But there are many occasions where scaffolding should be used.


Meeting health and safety standards

If the work is going to be carried out at height then you may need a scaffold to adhere to health and safety standards.  This becomes more crucial when there are multiple people involved, or where there is significant movement necessary on the site.


How long is the job for

If a job is going to take 2, 3 or more days then scaffolding is recommended and certainly worthwhile.  For short jobs that take less than a day it can be appropriate to use a ladder.  An individual painter or window cleaner for example may not require a scaffold for a one day job; it is an expense that many people deem to be unnecessary for such small jobs.  Contractors are perfectly entitled to request a scaffold for small projects, that’s their prerogative.

Above all every job should be properly assessed to determine the necessity of scaffolding, even if it takes less than a day.


The size of the job

Jobs that require multiple contractors will undoubtedly benefit from scaffolding.  Multiple contractors will benefit from easier movement across the site compared with different ladders.  If there is material to move and dispose of then a chute which can be attached to scaffolding will make the site far safer for workers and passers by.


What projects need scaffolding?

As a general rule scaffolding is needed for:


Always perform an assessment and never make assumptions that scaffolding is not necessary. 

Every situation is different and should always be assessed for its own risks; for instance in busy residential areas, compact or exceptionally high spaces, weather conditions should also be considered.

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