Why Choose Blitz Scaffolding for Commercial Scaffolding?

Whether you need scaffolding for a one-off job or regular contracts, you need a commercial scaffolding company you can trust implicitly.

You need to know that your workers can get on with their job safely and conveniently from a robust a carefully planned scaffolding platform.

If you are seeking a scaffolding company for your commercial contract(s) here is why you will:

  1. Trust in Blitz Scaffolding
  2. Have confidence in our scaffolding


1. Always available

When you have projects that are set to specific schedules and need to coordinate with different parties you need a scaffolding company that responds promptly.  Blitz Scaffolding can be contracted any time of the day to deal with any problems or concerns that arise, even in emergencies.  Have peace of mind that your scaffolding company of choice is always on-hand to help.


2. Highly rated

When looking for any contractors for your business testimonials from other other people matter; whether it’s friends, colleagues or associates we can take trust in the recommendations from people we know.  Where this isn’t possible independent ratings can be a good indicator of trust.

Blitz Scaffolding has a 5 star average Google rating from 16+ past customers, many who hired us for commercial scaffolding.


3. We publish our work

We take pride in our work and showcase many of our scaffolds on our website.  If you’re local you may also recognise some of the landmarks of our past commercial work.


4. We take safety seriously

We recognise the trust that you and your workers put into our scaffolding platforms to keep people safe.  We take safety very seriously and consider and install appropriate safety measures such as gates, netting and appropriate railing.  We don’t skip these measures because we know that scaffolding platforms alone aren’t a guarantee of safety, and often additional safety features are needed to keep workers safe, allowing them to confidently get on with their job.

When we plan scaffolds we carefully consider the type of work involved and the need for platforms at appropriate heights and distances to allow comfortable work to take place.


5. We are fully insured

You’re protected with all of our scaffolding projects, we are happy to provide evidence of our insurance to any commercial customer.


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